Let's talk about mental health in Men's Health Week

We are encouraging all males around Australia to grab a mate and do the Gotcha Hand Shake in a united show of support for all those working through mental health issues and to challenge the male sterotype. For the week of June 10-16 capture this moment, its simple!

1) Grab your mate - Do the Gotcha the shake!

2) Take a selfie

3) Post your pic

4) Use the hashtags #gotchamate #gotchahandshake #gotcha4life

5) Tag your mates

and let’s build the mental fitness of men and boys across Australia.


Jude joins Gotcha4Life

We are so stoked to announce Jude Bolton former Sydney Swans AFL footballer as a Gotcha4Life Ambassador. Along with our other announcements, Jude is a fine example of a guy who sees health as a priority. Jude believes everything in moderation and with staying fit he likes to mix it up. You will see him stretching in a yoga class or pounding the pavement on a run . “No matter what you do, it is so important to stay fit and include some kind of routine in your life.” says Jude. In his 15 years as a professional footballer, he saw the team as his family. "There was a real support network and we were always watching out for each other. Now a days, I see mental fitness and taking time out for myself just as important as getting my heart rate up."

Gotcha4Life is excited to include Jude in the family and we look forward to working together on improving the alarming statistics around male suicide in Australia.

Jude Headshot.JPG

Being tough and strong growing up meant not showing emotion!

Benji Marshall is a great human with values that align so closely with Gotcha4Life. After experiencing nearly loosing a mate and at the time not realsing there was a problem at the young age of 19, Benji now ensures he is the guy his mates turn too if they need to talk. Having spent a large chunk of his life in a male-dominated football environment, Benji understands the pressures some men experience and he is advocating that showing vulnerability and emotion as well as expressing your feelings is strong and manly.

We were lucky to have Benji as part of our Chemist Warehouse June 2018 Men’s Health Week activation. Benji teamed up with Gus and openly talked about his years growing up in New Zealand and living in an area with a high rate of suicide. “It was frowned upon to talk about your feelings or show weakness. I think as men we’re too proud or embarrassed to say we’re not doing so well or we need help or need to express our feelings.” says Benji.

We are so glad to officially announce that Benji has joined our team of influencing ambassadors who are helping us to reverse the tide of declining mental health in our Aussie blokes and to ensure we reduce the alarming rates of suicide.


He is brave and honest and he is a Gotcha4Life Ambassador

We are so proud and excited to have Steve Smith, join the team as an ambassador. The Australian Cricketer who has been so brave, honest and vulnerable in dealing with his own life experiences especially with Gus and the schools they have visited together. His school talks have shown that Steve shares the same passion for improving the mental health of boys and men in Australia. In 2018, Steve and Gus attended many Australian schools for a warts and all conversation on being a man, owning your mistakes and learning from them. The boys had the opportunity to ask Steve questions and learn about how he rose to great heights as an Australian Cricketer. Steve is a real Gotcha4Life role model.


Gus supports RAMPH by taking Ambassador role

The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health is a state-wide organisation that is committed to improving the mental health, wellbeing and resilience of rural and remote residents. "I had to get behind this organisation because I see that they are doing great work, they have a big heart and are working on the ground with communities that need assistance and providing them with the appropriate services.” said Gus.

RAMHP Program Manager Tessa Caton said “We know that men living outside of major cities are at greater risk of suicide than those living within major cities. Research also tells us that males are less likely to seek professional help and to use services for their mental health problems, compared to females.”

Gus understands the disparity between the city and rural areas and has always shown strong passion to help close the gap and support rural Aussie men.

“ Our activations in the Riverina have been so encouraging over the past 18 months. We have champions down in the area that regularly organise blokes nights and engage in the community constantly. We are on a mission to reach all areas of Australia with our programs and support.” said Gus.

Learn more about RAMPH programmes here: https://youtu.be/Awbz6nD6ANM


This is Jake

We are proud and excited to have the talented Kangaroo, NSW and Manly Sea Eagles player on board as a Gotcha4Life Ambassador. Jake is a great role model for so many young males.

Jake said “I accepted this role, as it is a great organisation doing great things in the community! “ Jake has known Gus for a while and says that “anything Gus is involved in is always going to be for a good cause.”

Jake Trbojevic.JPG

A much loved player in the Manly Squad, Jake has won 2 Best & Fairest awards for the club and has dedicated himself to over 100 games. His passion for Rugby League runs deep, starting out at the Mona Vale Raiders to then moving into junior representative at Manly. Off the field, Jake is known for his kindness and compassion. He is a very approachable guy and mentors many of the young boys coming through the club. Look out for Jake at our events around the Northern Beaches!

Meet Kath Koschel

Gotcha4Life Ambassador 2019 - One of the most inspirational people you could ever meet and a true champion for mental health, wellbeing and kindness. Kath is founder of the KINDNESS FACTORY.

We share the same passion for improving the mental health of boys and men in Australia.

Kath is a former NSW cricketer who has more fight in her than most professional athletes. Her story is one of inspiration and true strength. From a hospital bed defying a prognosis of paralysis to setting up a global movement that drives her desire to create a world where people act with kindness. There have been more than a few bumps along the way, but kath never lets the setbacks interfere with her passion. Kath shares her journey of how she turned adversity into triumph. She will inspire you to challenge the way you see the world and she will take you on an emotional roller coaster leaving you in awe of her strength and determination to do better and be better regardless of the hurdles she has had in front of her.

Kath was awarded the 2016 Pride Of Australia Medal, has raised over $300,000 for various charities, completed an Ironman challenge with feeling in only one leg, is on the Board of Australia Young Leaders Initiative and has addressed the Australian Prime Minister. Kath is an active mental health advocate and we at Gotcha4Life are so proud to have her as one of our ambassadors.

You can read more about Kath or book a talk here:



Announcing Gotcha4Life new CEO - Tim Hodgson

This week we announce our first full time CEO for the Gotcha4Life Foundation.

Tim lives on the Northern Beaches and joins us fresh from delivering an impactful Invictus Games Sydney 2018. The Invictus Games helped raise the profile of mental health in the veteran and broader community. The huge success of the Sydney event means the foundation gains a wealth of talent in Tim joining the team.

“I have known Tim for a few years and when he came on the open market I could not believe our luck!” says founder, Gus Worland. “Tim is a beautiful and caring man who understands exactly what Gotcha4Life is all about.”

Tim will take Gotcha4Life to the next level to make a real difference in lowering the suicide rates in Australia.