About Gotcha4life


Gotcha4Life Foundation has been established with the fundamental aim of helping save the lives of males throughout Australia. This aim is to take action and positively impact men’s mental health.


  • Identify and reach out to a mate you can confide in

  • Start a meaningful conversation

  • Share how you are truly feeling

  • Let them know you are there for them no matter what

  • Seal conversations with a handshake

  • Secure intentions with a ‘man hug’

  • ‘I’ve Gotcha4Life Mate’


To improve the mental health of men and boys and save lives through better connections with friends, family and community


That all males in Australia have a Gotcha4Life mate to reach out to in their lives.


By the year 2025, all males in Australia can identify who their Gotcha4Life mate is.


Striking statistics

  • Suicide remains the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44

  • Male suicides account for three quarters of all suicides in Australia

  • More than two thousand men take their own lives in Australia every year

  • That is an average of six men every day

  • The rates of depression are equally as staggering with 1 in 5 adult males expected to suffer some form of depression in a twelve-month period and over 85,000 attempt suicides

  • Chances of ‘friendlessness’ trebles between early 20’s and late 40’s in males


Guiding Foundations

Raising awareness and then taking actions which create social change to improve the mental health of males around Australia.

  • Driving and challenging old male stereotypes and the culture of stoicism in men
    To show men they can redefine help-seeking and that asking for emotional support is a strength and a form of taking control of their life

  • Driving awareness about the striking statistics and devastating research around male suicide and ‘friendlessness’ in Australia
    Highlighting the relationship between current masculine norms and suicide.

  • Recognising males can feel they have no mate to turn to for help or advice in crisis
    Driving actions through delivery, validation, and program development.
    Establish a strong team of technical experts to support, design and build sustainable programs that improve men’s mental health

  • Driving outcomes to reach all males in Australia
    Be part of the solution and help diminish male suicide rates

  • Direct action on what having a Gotcha4life Mate means
    – Find that mate
    – Start a conversation
    – Listen to that mate
    – Have in-depth conversations
    – Continually check in
    – Maintain those long-term connections

  • Position Statement
    Essentially, to improve positive mental spaces for men before any onset of depression that can potentially lead to suicide