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Weave Youth & Community Services is a Not-For-Profit organisation that supports children, young people, families and communities facing complex situations and obstacles in their lives. Their mission is to empower people to change their lives and give them every opportunity to find a way up and way forward.

Weave runs “Light Up” Workshops - A Youth resilience program for young people in years 5 to 12. The workshops are designed to empower and build resilience in young people to reduce the impacts of mental health issues and youth suicide rates by helping participants navigate the challenges that life throws at them.

They have the hard conversations and resource young people with knowledge and tools to get through tough times.


What Are “Light up Workshops”?

“Light Up” is a learning program designed specifically for young people in Years 5 to 12 to help them navigate all the stuff that life throws at them – as a young person and beyond.  It’s focused on building skills, resilience and knowledge for life.

The program focuses on real issues lead by people with real life stories. The program is co-facilitated by professional counsellors alongside Youth Advocates - young people who have been recipients of services in their lives and have lived experience of mental health, substance use, grief, loss, family violence and other issues.

Program Goals

Through a combination of psycho-education, interactive activities and discussions around practical coping strategies, these workshops aim to;

  • Empower young people with knowledge and skills,

  • Equip young people to make more informed life choices,

  • Encourage young people to reach out for support,

  • Connect young people to themselves, others and to the wider community,

  • Build resilience in young people so they know they can bounce back from hard times

  • Develop young people’s capacity to empathise and be kind and compassionate to each other, and

  • Give young people hope for their future.


Our other education pillars

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