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Through the disruption and re-invention of old-school male stereotypes, Tomorrow Man workshops explore how men can look after themselves, their mates and families better while carving out their own version of the Aussie man.

Creating safe environments for no holds barred, real, honest conversations about what it means to be a bloke today and using the shared experience and collective wisdom of the men we meet to define a masculinity that generates purpose, pride, and health for the men of today and tomorrow.

2018, has seen Tomorrow Man's “Breaking the Man Code” workshop and the new follow up workshop ”Man & The Mask”  being delivered in sporting clubs, schools and communities across NSW, WA, SA and QLD. So far this year Tomorrow Man have run 370 workshops impacting 13,938 Australian blokes. That’s 13,936 boys and men that walked away after having real, honest conversations within the group, building their emotional muscle and capability to shape a healthier version of masculinity in their communities and for future generations.


Some exciting stats

In 2018, Tomorrow Man have surveyed 1100 workshop participants and found that:

  • 93% of participants reported that the workshop has broadened their views about what it means to be a man

  • 90% of participants would feel more confident in reaching out if they were struggling and needed help

  • 96% of participants would feel more confident in reaching out to someone else if they thought they needed help

  • 79% felt the workshop will change the way they interact with others

  • 94% reported that the workshop has given them a deeper understanding about the pressures placed on the male stereotype, and how it can affect them directly

  • 92% felt that the workshop would better help them deal with the pressures of being a male

  • 87% reported that they would behave differently after their experience with the Tomorrow Man workshop

  • 93% felt more confident in their ability to have honest conversations with other guys

  • 97% of participants would recommend Tomorrow Man to other males

  • Participants rated the workshop 9 out of 10 for value



The continued growth of the community activation model is having a considerable impact, and we are seeing an increasing hunger for this program. A recent rollout was particularly successful in the Northern beaches of Sydney where the team ran 18 workshops and 1 Blokes Night in that one community alone. The Tomorrow Man team is continuing to focus on delivering in more rural areas across Australia with a current focus in Wagga Wagga, Horsham, Tumut and Gippsland. Below is a testimonial from one of the participants at Avalon.

"A very worthwhile event. I can't believe how many men I know are having mental health issues, Tomorrow Man, Gotcha4Life, Lifeline are needed more than ever. Thankyou!"


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