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‘Bad things can happen when good people do nothing.’

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it's easy for us all to miss, dismiss or avoid the causes and symptoms of poor mental wellbeing. Due to this our families and communities are experiencing the worst possible outcomes with too many men taking their own life.

ROC is a not-for-profit community funded organisation with DGR status. It was established in 2017 as a mental health counselling support service. It focuses on helping sufferers of depression and anxiety along with supporting their communities in rural and remote Australia. Starting out in the Riverina region of New South Wales it aims to help improve the quality of life for rural males, their families and community. Roc wants to provide every opportunity possible to reduce the impact of stress, trauma, depression, anxiety and suicide through implementing the MateKeeper and Counsellor programs.



  • A simple strategy to prevent the downward spiral of mental health into crisis

  • Medical guidance and mateship are based on helping and caring for the community

  • The best possible caring support is given face-to-face/one-on-one

  • ROC aims to significantly reduce the impact of depression and anxiety and help diminish suicide rates in rural communities throughout regional Australia

  • With a proactive approach they will reach out to help support those who can’t or won’t present to a General Practitioner or other mental health services

  • To assist in the development and facilitation of workshops and implementation of programs focusing on rural and regional communities located in south-eastern New South Wales.

There’s a tendency in the bush to say, “She’ll be right”. We’re very good at looking after other people, but the worst when it comes to caring for ourselves. – Pat Tripodi

The aim of the ROC program:

  • To empower rural communities with knowledge and skills about depression and anxiety

  • To encourage rural communities to reach out for support and be involved in the ROC program

  • To connect men and their families to themselves and the wider community

  • To build resilience so people know they can bounce back from hard times and acknowledge that everybody goes through hard times and it is part of life

  • To give rural communities hope for their future and make them aware that help is available


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