Gus wants all men in Australia to have their Gotcha4Life Mate.

Alarming new research suggests that some men choose to take their own life, rather than appear weak by asking for help. Gus Worland, one of ‘the manliest men on radio’ is a huge personality on Sydney’s Triple M Breakfast Show. Gus has become personally invested in the cause of improving Men’s Mental Health around Australia and has established the Gotcha4Life Foundation.


After hosting ABC’s Man Up documentary and losing a very close friend and life mentor to suicide, Gus wants to make a difference. Gus's goal is to shift the relationship between current masculine norms, including stoic beliefs and suicide. To discover the secrets for men to survive in the modern world. wants to help and support people who are making a difference, saving lives and redefining what it really means to be a man today.

He wants to change male beliefs around unhelpful conceptions of masculinity while creating awareness on the importance of males identifying changes in their behaviour and feelings. The focus is on developing an understanding of the value of social connectedness and key role of emotional support.

Gus established the Gotcha4Life Men’s Mental Health Foundation with the aims to get to the bottom of the male suicide crisis, effect real social change and hopefully even save lives.

Gus wants to:

  • Get to the bottom of the male suicide crisis, effect real social change and hopefully even save lives.

  • Raise awareness about the multifaceted health benefits associated with having a close mate

  • Reduce the alarming statistics on male suicide across Australia regardless of culture, socio economic status, religion, ethnicity, gender identification or age.

  • Challenge old stereotypes of what it means to be a male to: today in Australia

  • Have a real impact in helping males identify when they are struggling

  • Empower men with positive strategies to seek support and social connectedness.

  • Enable men to actively listen, to have transparent conversations and express themselves in meaningful ways.

Gus what is a Gotcha4Life Mate to you?

“Someone you can have a conversation with warts and all. Someone you can talk to about anything at any time and you know you are not going to be judged. Having a friend or set of friends that you can talk to about absolutely anything at any time. Being able to be honest and vulnerable knowing you are safe, loved and respected.”

Gus how did you come up with the name Gotcha4Life?

“When I really understand what someone is talking about I say ‘I gotcha and when a person hears those words I can instantly see their reaction. Straight away they feel better about the situation. They know I’ve got them. After that we shake hands, pull it in and hug it out. It is a proven fact that an embrace, physical touch contact will make you feel better. It works for me and my mates.”