We aim to help all Australian males, of all ages and outlooks, to connect with their own Gotcha4Life mate.

To achieve this the project includes:

  • A team of experts to advise, design and deliver Gotcha4Life programs

  • Develop a sustainable and evidence-driven program that will impact on men’s mental health

  • Delivery of the Gotcha4Life mission and vision through conveying the Gotcha4Life principles to all males in Australia

  • Encourage men to first find their Gotcha4Life mate and then discover what that friendship can really mean

  • Have a great go-to person in your life

  • Establish criteria to know what it really means to call them your Gotcha4Life friend – conversations, shared personal and occupational updates, checking in on each other’s moods and state of mind

  • Establish a truly strong connection with another male

  • Find the ideal he place where you can have intimate and meaningful conversations.

  • Sustain those strong and regular connections

  • Encourage concrete results and continuous growth with their Gotcha4Life mate

  • Actions mates might take – physical contact, maybe a man hug – to help convey the vital importance of social connectedness and physical touch


Our Other Pillars