We are always extremely thankful for and amazed by the generosity of people and groups that come together to raise money and support us in the delivery of the programs we are empowering, enabling and developing.

There are many ways that people can help raise money:

  • Hosting your own event

  • Participation in existing event

  • Well known fun runs in your area

  • Community activities such as 24 hour drives run, rowing

  • Achieving a personal goal and having a team join or support you

School initiatives

  • Bronut day

  • Sports Tournaments – Knox Water Polo

  • Awareness Day

Workplace Initiatives

  • Organising a group at work to join an activity or event and asking your company to match your donations

  • Morning tea or lunch venture

  • Getting a group of workmates together to undertake a challenge -enjoy the added bonus of team building for a purpose!

If you are passionate to help improve mental health and want to assist in raising money to support Gotcha4Life, please get in touch and share your ideas! You can reach us on

We can provide awesome Gotcha4Life gear, authorise the use of our logo and even help you with flyers to give to your family and friends.

We love seeing the incredible things happening in the community, so drop us a line!