Education Programs

  • We aim to assist with the funding of impactful educational programs for all boys and men across Australia

  • We want to influence internalised perceptions of what is acceptable and expected male behaviour, ultimately guiding males on healthy ways to interact

  • The Foundation aims to acknowledge and provide much better understanding about the worrying relationship between current masculine behavioural norms and suicide rates among males

  • We wish to drive awareness and acceptance of the many challenges facing males today

  • We need to show males that we can redefine help-seeking and reaching out for emotional support as a sign of taking control and not weakness

  • We aim to empower males with key strategies and effective messages that help them recognise how outside tend to pressure and repress their emotions and unreasonably demand that they remain “stoic” during even extreme stress and duress

  • We need Australian males to talk openly and honestly to their mates and address emotional instability within their closest personal relationships

Our Other Pillars