Reaching rural - Tomorrow Man and Gotcha4Life visit the Riverina to break the man code

4 days of workshops and man sheds have left a lasting impression on teenage boys and their fathers in the Wagga area. Facilitators Tom Bell and Ryder Jack took 14 schools through the Tomorrow Man process. Through the disruption and re-invention of old-school male stereotypes the boys facilitated honest and authentic conversations with the students.

Meet Tom White

One of the key pillars Gotcha4Life invests in is Life Line Scholarship Program to target at risk males.  Gotcha4Life fund the out of pocket costs for males undergoing training to volunteer as a Lifeline Crisis Supporter. Tom White was the first applicant to be selected to undertake the intensive Lifeline training and we recently met to discuss his journey.


At Gotcha4Life we are all about having your ‘Gotcha Place’.

October is mental health month and we are encouraging all males to make the time to check in with their mate(s) and have a 

Meaningful weekend. Get planning now – for some action.  Studies show that all males need to have a place where they can be with their

Mates and have that time to check in and talk about how they feel. How things are going in their lives, with no judgement and raw honesty. 

Males can find that deep friendships and personal connections weaken over time.  With each stage in a man’s life, finding good mates can become 

Less likely and tougher to maintain. So do as we say, call your mates, arrange the place and go have a great Gotcha Weekend. We would love to see and 

Hear about it, so make sure you comment on this post or add your Gotcha Weekend to our socials and hashtag #gotchaplace #gotchaweekend #gotchamate #gotcha4life