Let's talk about mental health in Men's Health Week

We are encouraging all males around Australia to grab a mate and do the Gotcha Hand Shake in a united show of support for all those working through mental health issues and to challenge the male sterotype. For the week of June 10-16 capture this moment, its simple!

1) Grab your mate - Do the Gotcha the shake!

2) Take a selfie

3) Post your pic

4) Use the hashtags #gotchamate #gotchahandshake #gotcha4life

5) Tag your mates

and let’s build the mental fitness of men and boys across Australia.


Max and Sam run the Marathon for men's mental health

Max and Sam run the Marathon for men's mental health

Two great guys ran the Blackmore’s Sydney running festival with Gotcha4Life as their charity to donate to. When I asked them why Gotcha4Life - they responded with : “We love the idea of having a mate which is your gotcha mate, we love the work that Gotcha4Life does and we are ourselves young men and have seen first hand the impact that a lack of conversation and a lack of communication between young men in crisis can have.”