Reaching rural - Tomorrow Man and Gotcha4Life visit the Riverina to break the man code

The team head to the Riverina - 'Its not weak to speak' - Ryder Jack and Tom Bell encourage teenagers to speak about their feelings in emotional workshops.

A huge week for Gotcha4Life and Tomorrow Man in the Riverina saw 11 workshops at 4 local Wagga schools experience the powerful and life changing workshops. Nine News reporter Mathew Burgess reported on the week and the experience these teenagers had.  Student, Kodi Feige from Riverina Anglican College said 'It really opened my eyes, I never thought that masculinity was effecting me as much as it was.'  The workshops are designed to teach these young lads to speak emotionally and open up. Gotcha4Life, in 2018 have powered 370 workshops impacting 13,938 Australian Blokes. That is 13,938 boys and men that walked away after having real, honest conversations, building their emotional muscle and the capacity to shape a healthier version of masculinity in their communities and for future generations.  For more information on Tomorrow Man visit their website: or follow on social @tomorrowman_au