At Gotcha4Life we are all about ‘Taking Action’ on men’s mental health.


We want to know what action are you doing this month. We have interviewed a few guys to see what’s on their radar..

Interview with Steve

G4L: Steve, what is a mate to you? Steve:

G4L: How often would you connect with your mates?

G4L: Do you have a regular catch up? What is it? How often would you plan this catch up? And is it by phone,text or weekends away ect

A mate is someone you might not have seen for ages but as soon as you are back together having out its

like no time has ever gone past

Steve: I really try to get together with some mates a couple times a week but life seems to definitely get in the way some times

Steve: I organise a Thursday night bike ride and bbq with a group of mates and this is usually weekly. I get the word out via social media. We usually get a good crew together each week. Its something we all love to do.

G4L: Do you have meaningful conversations with your mates to let them know how you feel and how you are tracking?
Steve: I wish I did but I seem to clam up when it comes to this kind of talking. I am a nervous talker sometimes and just blab and ramble on but when I need to get the real important stuff out I get pretty stuttery and can’t stay focused.

G4L: Would you hug your mate? Steve: Yes, I would but I don’t do it.

G4L: Would you know if one of your mates was not OKAY? Steve: I think I would be able to see some signs.

G4L: What is it that you notice about your mate when he is not okay?
Steve: If a mate of mine doesn’t want to go for a ride then I know something is up. They always want to ride but might have family or work issues but if they just say na its cool then something is up.

G4L: ‘A Gotcha4Life mate is someone you can turn to when you need a warts and all conversation and you need to talk about how you are feeling and not going to be judged.’
Do you have a Gotcha4Life Mate?

Steve: I do feel I have one mate like that, I have a lot of friends that I think would jump if I really needed help and asked for it but one that has actually checked in on me a few times when he hasn’t seen or heard from me for a while.

AWESOME, Thanks Steve for your story!