Macquarie University Clinical Trial

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The Gotcha4Life Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with Macquarie University to ensure men are represented in an important clinical trial they are running.

The Trial is entitled ‘The things people do and their relationships with emotional health.’

Participants in the trial will get access to their online Wellbeing Course, which teaches effective skills for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. The Course runs for 8 weeks, and throughout the course participants will complete important questionnaires. The project aims to examine the relationships between a long list of everyday behaviours and activities and people’s mental health.

Research indicates that men are less likely to access help and are at greater risk of suicide.  With this in mind we are looking for males aged 18 years and older, living in Australia, experiencing at least mild symptoms of anxiety or depression to be part of this study.

If you are available from January 29th and would like to participate, please email us by 07th January your interest.

“It is so important for us to really know what works as we aim to improve male mental health in Australia in the best possible way, that is why our involvement in Clinical Trials with Macquarie Uni is a major activity in the Gotcha4Life Foundation, thank you for being involved and for your support” - Gareth Pike