Building youth resilience with ‘Light Up’

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This is Weave’s Light Up program coordinator, Ainsley Warner.

We chatted to Anisley about her background and the program as part of our “People of Gotcha4Life”.

After living in Mexico for the past year focussing on her creative side, Ainsley jumped at the idea of becoming a part of the Light Up Program. As a young person, Ainsley was affected by the intergenerational mental health issues within her family, and was never aware of the support or help that's out there for young people, nor given the tools to know how to understand what she was experiencing or what to do about it. Like any adult that understands what Light Up is about, Ainsley feels that should Light Up have been taught at her high school she would have been much better equipped to navigate some of the toughest times in her life.

Light UP is a new program supported by Gotcha4Life that targets youths in years 5 -12. The workshops are designed to empower and build resilience in young people to reduce the impacts of mental health issues and youth suicide rates by helping participants navigate the challenges that life throws at them.

Ainsley is well equipped with heading up this program with 12 years experience in youth mental health. Ainsely is deeply passionate about working with young people, learning from them and helping to create a hopeful future. Weave has been part of Ainsley life the the past 5 years. I asked Ainsley to sum up Weave’s ideals and she responded by saying, “Weave takes on a client- centred and trauma informed approach. We take in every level, from the second a person walks through the doors all the way through to the other end of sometimes a 5 year relationship. All those that come through the door know that they will be supported, loved and treated with respect and dignity. People are empowered and heard, whatever their journey.”

You can learn more about the extraordinary work done by Weave via their website: