Building a more inclusive community one donut at a time.

The year 11 boys from Parramatta Marist Bros held another successful fundraiser for Gotcha4Life last Friday at the school. Led by Monty Duncombe and a cohort of his mates from year 11, the entrepreneurs raised just shy of $1000 for the Foundation. The initiative came about when they were in year 9. Their PDHPE teacher, Luke Barry-Donellan set a project based on the “Man Up Series”. Students created a radio segment for TripleM. In their segments, they had to pitch an idea that would promote a supportive environment at school and ensure help seeking behaviour amongst young men.

Bronut Day was established. Tee shirts were printed, donuts ordered and mateship was made. The concept, buy one donut and get a second donut to give to a mate, start a conversation and create a connection.

We love it! Thanks to Monty,Hunter,Ryan,Jacob,Christian,Toby,Tyler,Noah,Fady,James,Ryan and Mr Barry-Donellan - you are TAKING ACTION!