Meet Kath Koschel

Gotcha4Life Ambassador 2019 - One of the most inspirational people you could ever meet and a true champion for mental health, wellbeing and kindness. Kath is founder of the KINDNESS FACTORY.

We share the same passion for improving the mental health of boys and men in Australia.

Kath is a former NSW cricketer who has more fight in her than most professional athletes. Her story is one of inspiration and true strength. From a hospital bed defying a prognosis of paralysis to setting up a global movement that drives her desire to create a world where people act with kindness. There have been more than a few bumps along the way, but kath never lets the setbacks interfere with her passion. Kath shares her journey of how she turned adversity into triumph. She will inspire you to challenge the way you see the world and she will take you on an emotional roller coaster leaving you in awe of her strength and determination to do better and be better regardless of the hurdles she has had in front of her.

Kath was awarded the 2016 Pride Of Australia Medal, has raised over $300,000 for various charities, completed an Ironman challenge with feeling in only one leg, is on the Board of Australia Young Leaders Initiative and has addressed the Australian Prime Minister. Kath is an active mental health advocate and we at Gotcha4Life are so proud to have her as one of our ambassadors.

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