Jude joins Gotcha4Life

We are so stoked to announce Jude Bolton former Sydney Swans AFL footballer as a Gotcha4Life Ambassador. Along with our other announcements, Jude is a fine example of a guy who sees health as a priority. Jude believes everything in moderation and with staying fit he likes to mix it up. You will see him stretching in a yoga class or pounding the pavement on a run . “No matter what you do, it is so important to stay fit and include some kind of routine in your life.” says Jude. In his 15 years as a professional footballer, he saw the team as his family. "There was a real support network and we were always watching out for each other. Now a days, I see mental fitness and taking time out for myself just as important as getting my heart rate up."

Gotcha4Life is excited to include Jude in the family and we look forward to working together on improving the alarming statistics around male suicide in Australia.

Jude Headshot.JPG