Being tough and strong growing up meant not showing emotion!

Benji Marshall is a great human with values that align so closely with Gotcha4Life. After experiencing nearly loosing a mate and at the time not realsing there was a problem at the young age of 19, Benji now ensures he is the guy his mates turn too if they need to talk. Having spent a large chunk of his life in a male-dominated football environment, Benji understands the pressures some men experience and he is advocating that showing vulnerability and emotion as well as expressing your feelings is strong and manly.

We were lucky to have Benji as part of our Chemist Warehouse June 2018 Men’s Health Week activation. Benji teamed up with Gus and openly talked about his years growing up in New Zealand and living in an area with a high rate of suicide. “It was frowned upon to talk about your feelings or show weakness. I think as men we’re too proud or embarrassed to say we’re not doing so well or we need help or need to express our feelings.” says Benji.

We are so glad to officially announce that Benji has joined our team of influencing ambassadors who are helping us to reverse the tide of declining mental health in our Aussie blokes and to ensure we reduce the alarming rates of suicide.