Gotcha4Life Program lives on in Marist Bros Parramatta

Gotcha4Life were proud to be invited to Marist Bros School Parramatta by Luke Barry Donnellan and the Year 10 Boys.

500 donuts sold in 8 minutes! The boys last Friday hosted Bronut Day to raise awareness for Gotcha4Life. It was about encouraging one another find their Gotcha Mate. Having open and honest conversations with one another. The morning was so successful that a new order of 400 donuts was made for lunch time.  Gotcha4Life team members, Gus Worland, Michael Lowell and Sammi Hardwick were there to support such a fantastic initiative.

Marist Bros School Parramatta had the Gotcha4Life powered ‘Tomorrow Man’ Program at their school last year. The staff and boys were so moved by the workshop – they have continued to work together to break the Man Code and support their students with Mental Health issues, making it OK to talk about it and open up.

Great Work Luke and the boys!