Australian Drought and our farmers

I’d really like people in the city to remember us, see us, hear us, know that we’re still here.


Gotcha4Life wants all aussie males in Australia to take action, check in, start the emotional even confronting conservation with their country mates and let them know they are there for them no matter what the circumstance.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull warned that the country had become a “land of drought”.

With Australia facing its worst drought in 200 years, it’s so important to let our farmers know we are here for them. Make sure you have a conversation with those doing it tough and facing adversity. Take time from your day to reach out to those close to you.

We are a nation proud of our mateship so make sure you take the time to check in.  

We recommend MINDSPOT as a confidential support service.  Anyone across Australia can access this free service online